About Us



We optimize your operational capabilities with a three-pronged approach to drive profits and competitivity. First, we analyze your data to identify redundancies and opportunities for growth. Then we design solutions tailored specifically to suit your business needs. Finally, we execute strategic initiatives with you, including the change management support you need to successfully implement solutions on an organizational level. We aren’t just content to help businesses survive, but to equip them with the tools to thrive in a sometimes uncompromising industry.

WE ARE your advocates with extensive practical hands on experience

WE ARE results driven

WE ARE National and International experience with deep resources

WE ASK the right questions

WE ARE years of sourcing, supply chain and procurement expertise

WE ARE impartial, objective and agile

We opened up shop in 2016. Started by Scott McFie and Mark Weir, LCM Solutions combines the nimbleness, innovation, and attention you’d get from a start-up with the stability, credibility, and knowledge of an industry veteran.


WE BELIEVE in the power of data

WE BELIEVE in truth, not tradition

WE BELIEVE in a global scope with a local approach

WE BELIEVE in technology to create opportunity

WE BELIEVE in collaborative partnerships

WE BELIEVE that impartial experts see more

WE BELIEVE in authentic and direct communication

WE BELIEVE in being there every step of the way


"It is wonderful what great strides can be made when there is a resolute purpose behind them."
- Sir Winston Churchill

Scott McFie Partner based in the greater Vancouver area, was an executive and board member for one of the largest independent adjusting firms in Canada. He brings a wealth of experience from his many years within the international insurance services industry, having set up what is now the largest TPA firm in the Canadian market. Scott’s insights and ability to navigate and provide market solutions are second to none.

Mark Weir Partner is Toronto-based, and is an experienced executive with a proven history of developing and leading national and regional process improvements and strategy. His focus on identifying, developing, and implementing strategic initiatives has saved companies millions of dollars. He is data driven, an insightful leader who engages stakeholders at all levels to achieve exceptional results and profitability. Looking to continue innovating in the future, Mark brings an operations-focused, lean approach to organizations.

Sonny Chee Associate has significant experience as a Big Data Architect, who prides himself on delivering value with 90-day ROI solutions to many Fortune 100 companies. Sonny holds a Master’s degree in Applied Science and Computing Science, along with being a Certified Teradata Master. Sonny has extensive experience building highly distributed, reliable, secure and fault-tolerant data systems and is respected for the knowledge and practical solutions he provides.