Focused on creating profitable and efficient solutions



LCM has the expertise to analyze and recognize what systems are working, while diagnosing and re-imagining the ones that aren't. Focused on creating successful, balanced, more profitable solutions for stakeholders, we add value with technology, processes, and people, while remaining focused on your strategic goals. We approach each problem analytically, holistically, and purposefully.
We implement systems thoughtfully, with full understanding of the necessity of human acceptance, to make sweeping changes.

They use both the human and the technological to create a successful, balanced system.

Focused on creating profitable and efficient solutions for stakeholders, LCM adds value with technology, processes, and people, while remaining focused on your strategic goals. We provide solutions to problems that are both relationship based, and system and process based. And we approach each analytically, holistically, and purposefully.



Cyber Security - Compliance and System Audits

Change Management - "The biggest challenge of 'technology disruption' and the 'pace of change' will not be the disruption itself, but rather the management of change." - Mark Weir

Data Analytics - we bring certainty to the decision-making process by confirming your experience, identifying gaps and providing simple common sense solutions based on the data.

Strategy - using your vision and goals, we design and develop a plan and help you execute on the deliverables

Operational Efficiencies - we will assess the effectiveness of your workflow and develop initiatives for improvement.

Enterprise Risk Management - our solutions include strategies for business continuity, loss prevention, catastrophe planning, emergency preparedness and market disruption.

Supply Chain, Sourcing and Procurement - through our broad network, we will identify technology solutions, new initiatives in the Insurtech and Fintech space, IoT and digital solutions, vendor and performace management, contract development and oversight.

Loss and Expense Management - we will reduce your loss costs and expenses by introducing new workflow to manage your portfolio. We will design specific programs to better manage large losses, litigation claims, and specialty products. We will leverage our deep network of resources to source, integrate, and align supply chain services.

Governance and Compliance - we perform technical and operational audits, M&A due diligence, security audits, management exception reporting (including large loss), and develop relevant KPI’s.

Change Management - to keep staff engaged and informed, we provide the communication strategy for project relevance so you can support changes with education and training throughout the project.

Security and System Audits - Business optimization goes beyond efficiencies and profitability. As part of our enterprise solution and risk management services, LCM Solutions will undertake a systems security audit and will identify a systems risk profile for your business. Your ‘brand’ is invaluable and is key to a sustainable business model; LCM Solutions wants to help you protect it!